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Motto I can do everything !!
Piano, Guitar, Computer, Game, Programming, Drone, RC-Car, ...

Relaxation, Family, Friends, Sky, Electronics, Pictures, Movies, Ice cream, Sashimi, ...

Stress, Betrayer, Cunning, Rudeness, Conceit, Prejudice, ...
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Plaform iOS, Android, Web(Front/Back), PC
C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, C#, Python, Java, JS, PHP, PERL

LDAP, Oracle9i, Informix9x, MS-SQL, MySQL

Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, Router/Switch(CISCO)

Tools & etc.
VisualStudio, JBuilderX, Eclipse, XCode
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Consistency BS and Master's Degree in Computer Science. (Ph.D. Candidate)
System Security LAB. (Korea University) 2015 ~ Now
- Doctoral course (Ph.D)
- Research & Develop about the Web/Mobile Security.

SK Broadband Corp. 2016 ~ 2017
- Software Developer
- Development of the application for iOS
  > Oksusu VoD App. (iOS)

NCSoft Corp. (KOREA) 2016 ~ 2016
- Software Developer
- Development of the application for Android
  > NC-Comix Webtoon App. (Android)

SK Planet Corp. 2013 ~ 2016
- Software Developer
- Development of the application for iOS
  > The Project Anne App. (iOS)
  > Shopkick Partners App. (iOS)
  > OK Cashbag iOS App. (iOS)
  > Hoppin VOD Player App. (iOS)

Naver Corp. 2010 ~ 2013
- Software Developer
- Development of the application for AJAX, iOS
  > The Brain (MobileWeb Game Prototype)
  > Dragon Saga Game Launcher (AJAX, Social Layer)
  > Mobile NaverCast (MobileWeb, HybridApp)
  > NaverCartoon JAPAN (iOS)
  > Notice module for Naver App (iOS)
  > NaverMe, PWE (AjaxUI)

SK Communications Corp. 2008 ~ 2010
- Software Developer
- Development of the application for iOS, Android, Web
  > NateConnecting (Android/iOS)
  > NateCartoon, Cyworld Flag (Android)
  > NateConnect (Java/.NET)
  > Cyworld Mini life 3D (PHP5 Framework)

Korea University Division of Information Security 2006 ~ 2008
- Researcher
- Research and Development of the system security
  > Development of the a tool for detecting forgery of web content (BHO, C#/C++)
  > Obtained a patent on related to the above.
  > BK21 Project (1st, 3rd), Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development
  > A study on new encryption technology (Institute for Information Technology Advancement)
  > Simulation of Cyber attack / defense system (Agency for Defense Development)
  > Development of the framework of Internet Worm Formulation Model (System Security LAB)
  > Research on techniques for penetration testing of web application products (ETRI)
  > Modularization and regular expression of Internet worm behavior (ETRI)
  > Development of the Secure VoIP Phone (C/C++)

Army Headquarters (Division of Computer Center) 2003 ~ 2005
- Soldier; Software Developer
- Development of the application for AJAX, Web
  > Reservation system for conference room (PHP, MySQL)
  > Management system for goal-oriented business (PHP, Oracle9i)
  > Renewal the homepage of Educational Headquarters (ASP, MySQL)
  > Integrated electronic phone book (Java, LDAP)
  > System for operating expenses (Java, PHP, Informaix9)
  > System for intranet dedicated line (Java, Informaix9)
  > System for the Army Physical Strength (Java, Oracle9i)
  > System for the communication facility (Java, Informix9)
  > System for the Chief of Staff Instruction (Java, Informix9)