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Motto I can do everything !!
Piano, Guitar, Computer, Game, Programming, Drone, RC-Car, ...

Relaxation, Family, Friends, Sky, Electronics, Pictures, Movies, Ice cream, Sashimi, ...

Stress, Betrayer, Cunning, Rudeness, Conceit, Prejudice, ...
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Plaform iOS, Android, Web(Front/Back), PC
Swift, SwiftUI, Objective-C, C/C++, C#, Python, Java, JS, PHP, PERL

CoreData, MapKit, AVFoundation, WebKit, CoreLocation, StoreKit, CoreBluetooth

LDAP, Oracle9i, Informix9x, MS-SQL, MySQL

Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, Router/Switch(CISCO)

Tools & etc.
Git, SVN, Jenkins, Fastlane, Jira, Agile, Docker, Postman, AWS, Firebase
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Consistency BS and Master's Degree in Computer Science.
TeamBlind 2022 ~ 2023
- Sr. Software Engineer
• Improved the UI and UX of the iOS app that has 9.2 million MAU.
• Implemented the Total Compensation feature and added visualizations using charts and graphs.
• Implemented the Jobs and Recruiting feature with different search filters.
• Applied the Coordinator pattern and Clean Code based on MVVM.

MEDL Mobile 2021 ~ 2022
- Software Engineer
• Implemented and improved core features for Toyota/Lexus app based on telematics technology.
• Implemented the new feature, Hybrid Pulse, with visualizations using charts and graphs.
• Displayed the hybrid driving score route on a map in 2 colors to visualize gas performance.
• Applied telematics technology such as location service, core motion, activity tracking, telematics data sets.
• Used the Coordinator pattern and Clean Code based on MVVM.

Foodup Inc. 2019 ~ 2021
- Sr. Software Engineer
• Created all the infrastructure & services myself from scratch as the only software engineer at the beginning.
• Created the websites for admin to configure the service contents and for users.
• Implemented the client apps for iOS, Android and also backend API.
• Led the project and trained new developers.

JetBridge LLC. 2018 ~ 2019
- Sr. Software Engineer
• Implemented and improved core features for Hyundai Motors app based on telematics technology.
• Removed deprecated functions in Objective-C, replaced them and improved with new functions in Swift.
• Implemented new features and led the whole process for backwards compatibility and stabilized the app.
• Increased test code coverage and contributed to the stabilization of data and apps.

STS Group Inc. 2017 ~ 2018
- Sr. Software Engineer
• Built all the infrastructure & services myself from scratch for web and mobile services.
• Improved the performance and UI/UX of the existing website and vehicle bidding hybrid app.
• Created the VIN Scanner app for iOS to inquire vehicle’s information from the Vehicle Identification Number.
• Led the development process and IT projects.

SK Broadband Corp. 2016 ~ 2017
- Sr. Software Engineer
- Development of the application for iOS
• Led development and improvement of an iOS app for VoD/OTT streaming service that has 5 million DAU.
• Contributed greatly to making the existing code easy to read by applying MVVM-based design patterns.

SK Planet Corp. 2013 ~ 2016
- Sr. Software Engineer
• Implemented the VoD/OTT streaming app Hoppin which has 4 million DAU. (from scratch)
• Created the iOS apps for OK CashBag services which has 8.1 million DAU.
• Led the development process and iOS developers.

Naver Corp. 2010 ~ 2013
- Software Engineer
• Developed websites and mobile apps and played a key role for major services which have 25 million DAU.
• Created the Global Navigation Menu for major services of ‘’ using AJAX.
• Web-based encyclopedia 'Naver Cast' whose contents can be flipped left and right. (from scratch)
• ‘NaverMe’, AJAX-based personalized website for the entire services such as email, notes, cal, cloud, blog, etc.
• Implemented the Webtoon and comics app ‘Naver Cartoon’ for iOS.

SK Communications Corp. 2008 ~ 2010
- Software Engineer
• Created social media websites and mobile apps for major services with 50 million DAU.
• Reorganized and integrated and with great contributions.

Korea University Division of Information Security 2006 ~ 2008
- Researcher
• Conducted research on web-based security technologies and published related papers and academic journals.

Army Headquarters (Division of Computer Center) 2003 ~ 2005
- Software Developer
• Developed websites and applications for use within the military.