2017.12.14 05:25

COX Network Problem.

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Sometimes the Internet is disconnected at night and the router reboots.

This happens most of the weekend late at night.

It was about three weeks after I realized this.

In my opinion, the main reason for the Internet interruption is a router reboot problem.

The router reboots by itself.

However, if I disconnect the cable from the modem, it will not be rebooted anymore.

And in that state, I can only use the local network.

I wonder why the router reboots itself late at night.

I thought I had a router problem and I tried to factory reset my router.

But, still, the same symptoms still occur.

When I talked to your staff about this, they said there was a network outage nearby my area.

After that, the same thing still happened.

In recently when I contacted him again, he said that there was no outage at this time.

So the staff encouraged the diagnosis and decided to proceed for free.


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