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An HTTP request is a class consisting of HTTP style requests, request lines, request methods, request URL, header fields, and body content.The most common methods that are used by a client in an HTTP request are as follows:

1) GET

Used when the client is requesting a resource on the Web server.


Used when the client is sending information or data to the server—for example, filling out an online form (i.e.Sends a large amount of complex data to the Web Server).

3) PUT

Used when the client is sending a replacement document or uploading a new document to the Web server under the request URL.


Used when the client is trying to delete a document from the Web server, identified by the request URL.


Used when the client is requesting some information about a resource but not requesting the resource itself.


Used when the client is asking the available proxies or intermediate servers changing the request to announce themselves.


Used when the client wants to determine other available methods to retrieve or process a document on the Web server.


Used when the client wants to establish a transparent connection to a remote host, usually to facilitate SSL-encrypted communication (HTTPS) through an HTTP proxy.


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